Alabama Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Law Review


Volume 1

Associational Privacy and the First Amendment: NAACP v. Alabama, Privacy and Data Protection
Allen, Anita L.

Overcoming at the University of Alabama
Brophy, Alfred L.

Shall We Overcome: Post-Racialism and Inclusion in the 21st Century
Chashin, Sheryll

Justice Clarence Thomas: The Burning of Civil Rights Bridges
Clemon, U. W.; Moore, Stephanie Y.

My Son and My Money Go to the University of Alabama: The Students at the University of Alabama n 1845 and the Families That Sent Them
Dumas, Royal C.

Anti-Apartheid Principle in American Property Law, The
Singer, Joseph William

It’s a Dildo in 49 States, but It’s a Dildon’t in Alabama: Alabama’s Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act and the Assault on Civil Liberty and Personal Freedom Selected Student Commentaries
Subramanian, Karthik

Need for Sui Generis Standards of Plain View in Computer Searches: BALCO in Context, The Selected Student Commentaries
Vaughn, Alexander E.

Volume 2

Wretched of the Earth, The
Delgado, Richard

Spoiled Rotten Social Background
Luna, Erik

Are We Responsible for Who We Are – The Challenge for Criminal Law theory in the Defenses of Coercive Indoctrination and Rotten Social Background
Robinson, Paul H.

Rule of Criminal Law: Why Courts and Legislatures Ignore Richard Delgado’s Rotten Social Background, The
Taslitz, Andrew E.

Rotten Social Background and the Temper of the Times
Harris, Angela P.

Severe Environmental Deprivation (AKA RSB): A Tragedy, Not a Defense
Morse, Stephen J.

United States v. Jones and the Debate Over Warrantless GPS Surveillance on Vehicles Selected Student Commentaries
Capper, Seth

Precious Safeguard Impaired: Magwood v. Patterson and the Supreme Court’s New Approach to Second and Successive Federal Habeas Corpus Petitions Selected Student Commentaries
Maddox, Jerrod M.

Speak No Ill of the Dead: When Free Speech and Human Dignity Collide Selected Student Commentaries
McIntosh, Brent

Volume 3.1

Legal Political Moral Hazard: Does the Dodd-Frank Act End too Big to Fail
Brown, Troy S.

Incapacitating Terrorism through Legal Fight – The Need to Redefine Inchoate Offenses under the Liberal Concept of Criminal Law
Hallevy, Gabriel

Twenty-First Century Slavery: Reconciling Diplomatic Immunity and the Obama Era
Howard, Derrick

Manson and its Progeny: An Empirical Analysis of American Eyewitness Law
Kahn-Fogel, Nicholas A.

Imagining change before and after Citizens United
Langvardt, Kyle

Volume 3.2

Executing the Innocent
Benson, Daniel H.; Hansen, Hans; Westfall, Peter

Unprincipled Principles: The Takings Clause Exemplar
Durden, Stephen

Jim Crow, Social Norms, and the Birth of Uncle Tom
Starkey, Brando Simeo

Marriage, Cohabitation, and the Welfare of Children
Strasser, Mark

Ignoring the Obligation to Provide Consular Notification: How This Nation’s Approach to Treaties Deprives Criminal Defendants of Procedural Safeguards Selected Student Commentaries
Enzor, Alyssa L.

¿Qué Dijo? – The Plain Error Rule’s Effective Denial of Due Process to Non-English-Speaking Criminal Defendants Selected Student Commentaries
Turner, Will

Volume 4

Instrumentalist and Holmesian Voices in the Rhetoric of Reapportionment: The Opinions of Justices Brennan and Frankfurter in Baker v. Carr
Carlo A. Pedrioli

Were Timothy McVeigh and The Unabomber the Only White Terrorists? : Race, Religion, and the Perception of Terrorism
Tung Yin

Rescuing the Damsel in Distress: Why the Judiciary Leaves the Heroine Tied to the Train Tracks
Heather Miller

“And Grace Will Lead Me Home”: The Case for Judicial Race Activism
Barbara J. Flagg

Inherent Sovereign Powers: The Influential yet Curiously Uncontroversial Flip Side of Natural Rights
Stephen A. Simon

The Nuclear Supplier Group: Problems and Solutions Selected Student Commentaries
Kyle Mathis

Volume 5.1

Coerced Parenthood as Family Policy: Feminism, the Moral Agency of Women, and Men’s “Right to Choose”
Lisa Lucile Owens

“Simple” Takes On the Supreme Court
Robert L. Tsai

Title VII, The Third-Party Retaliation Issue, and The “Plain Language” Mirage
Ronald Turner

In Defense of Low-Income Homeownership
Jared Ruiz Bybee

Balancing Liberty and Healthcare Access: Sebelius on Taxing Inactivity
Christopher L. Richard

Volume 5.2

India’s Constitutional Restraint: Less Expression In A Large Democracy
Tim Bakken

Graceful Losers
John Martinez

Teaching Tomorrow’s Citizens: The Law’s Role In Educational Disproportionality
Darrell D. Jackson

The New “School House Door”: Halting Wealth Segregation & The Defunding of American Public Schools
Todd Panciera, Jr.