Volume 8


Editor in Chief
Chris Saville
Managing Editor
Robert Carter

Executive Editors
Shannon Auvil
Jennifer Huddleston
Articles Editors
Carolyn Calhoun
Catie Malone
Write-On  & Online Editor
Katie Davis
Acquisitions Editor
Shruti Jaishankar
Student Notes Editor
Akiesha Anderson
Publicity & Development Editor
Kate Bonner

Senior Editors

Devan Byrd
Bridget Harris
Said Jabbour
Jadie Mims
Siquin Wang
Elton Darby
Tyner Helms
Carrington Jackson
Samantha Pline

Junior Editors

Ashley Austin
Mary Pat Damrich
Alexis Killough
Nikki Skolnekovich
Aubrey Wakeley
Barry Burkett
Megan Deitz
Zachary King
Nedra Stephens
Matthew Willet
Francisco Canales
Logan Griffith
Gonzalo Rodriguez
Christian Strahl
Christopher Youngpeter

Faculty Advisor
Meredith Render

Previous Mastheads

Junior editors are selected each summer through a write-on competition. The competition is open to rising second and third-year students. Each participant must author a bench memorandum and Invitations to join the law review will be issued to authors who demonstrate exceptional writing skills. University of Alabama law students interested in being a member of the law review may contact us at for more information.