Alabama Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Law Review


Application Guidelines



The Alabama Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Law Review is one of the newer Journals at the Law School, but our membership and engagement in the Law School are constantly growing.  We publish articles from scholars all over the country on a wide range of fascinating and often-controversial Civil Rights and Civil Liberties issues.  We will publish two issues next year in addition to organizing a symposium for Spring 2014.


How to Get on to ACRCL

1.  Grade On.  Students who are in the top third (33%) of their class can “grade on” to ACRCL without having to submit a student note for the write-on competition.  Students who grade on will receive an invitation to join ACRCL and only need to complete the ACRCL Blue Book Exam.

2.  Write-On Competition.  Any student (regardless of class rank) may submit a student note this summer to write on to ACRCL.  Students who choose to write on should write a short Student Note (12-15 pages, Double-Spaced, Times New Roman Font) footnoted appropriately according to the rules in the Blue Book.  Student Notes may be on any topic selected by the student, but for the ACRCL write-on, the Note should be on a topic applicable to Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.  Students may use their write-on piece as their student note to receive credit for journal membership if selected.  Students who write on must also complete the ACRCL Blue Book Exam.

3.  Rollover Applications.  Students who submit a Student Note for Alabama Law Review may “roll over” their submission to the other Journals.  ACRCL will receive rollover applications from Alabama Law Review and may select students for ACRCL membership from the Law Review rollover applications.  In examining rollover applications, ACRCL will review the student’s Student Note and Blue Book Exam from the Alabama Law Review write-on competition.

4.  The ACRCL Blue Book Exam.  The Blue Book Exam for ACRCL is not the same as the Blue Book Exam used by other journals.  ACRCL has created a somewhat shorter and more practical Blue Book Exam that encompasses issues regularly seen by ACRCL Junior Editors.  The ACRCL Blue Book Exam will be made available when the write-on competition begins (see dates below).