UA Honors Admissions Program

For the first-year law class beginning in Fall 2015, the Law School offers a streamlined application program for select Alabama resident students in good standing at the Honors College at The University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa).  The program and its specific criteria are subject to American Bar Association standards and annual approval, and, for that reason, are subject to change from one academic year to the next.  The streamlined application process normally will result in an admission decision within approximately 24 hours of the Law School’s receipt of the completed application.  A personal statement and letters of recommendation are not required. 

Eligibility criteria for the UA Honors Admissions Program are as follows:

For Students of the Honors College at The University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa) 

  • Resident of Alabama
  • Senior in good standing at the Honors College at The University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa)
  • Current Overall University of Alabama undergraduate grade point average of at least 3.80
  • ACT score of at least 27 or SAT score (mathematics and critical reading) of at least 1220
  • Completed Honors Admissions Program application, including Signed Authorization to Access Records

An LSAT score is not required, but an LSAT score may be necessary for the applicant to apply to another law school as an incoming first-year or to apply to transfer to another law school after the first year.

If you have any questions, please contact the Admissions Office at, or (205)348-5440.

UA Honors Admissions Program Instructions and Application

Applicant Admission Profiles

Application Admitted Mean ACT Admitted Mean SAT Admitted Mean UGPA Admitted
Class of 2012 40 40 29 1340 3.9
Class of 2013 40 39 30 1370 3.9
Class of 2014 53 53 29 1276 3.91
Class of 2015 36 35 29 1257 3.95
Class of 2016 25 24 30 1302 3.94