Law School Patrons

About the Law School Patrons

Established in 2009, the Alabama Law Patrons program recognizes the Law School’s most generous annual donors, whose cumulative pledges and contributions to Farrah Law Alumni Society total $25,000 or more.

2011 inductees, who were honored formally at the Farrah Law Alumni Society Annual Banquet in February 2012, are as follows:

  •  Robert Aland (’63)
  • Cynthia Lee Hayden (’02) – not pictured
  • Colonel Earle Forrest Lasseter (’66)
  • Stephen Wright Still, Sr. (’78)

Law School Patrons’ names are displayed prominently on a plaque in the Law School. For more information about Law School Patrons, please contact Candice Robbins at (205) 348-5752 or

Class of 2010
Samuel N. Crosby (’78)
Jonathan J. Davies (’80)
T. Michael Goodrich (’71)
Richard S. Jaffee (’76)
Julia Smeds Roth (’77)
Anne Stone Sumblin (’87)

Class of 2009
Jere Locke Beasley (’62)
D. Richard Bounds (’56)
Michael Chambers (’79)
William N. Clark (’71)
The Honorable Joseph A. Colquitt (’70)
L. Susan Doss (’89)
Clausen Ely Jr. (’72)
Judy Whalen Evans (’75)
Louis B. Feld (’72)
Samuel Holley Franklin (’72)
Joseph G. Gamble Jr. (’50)
Dean V. Nathaniel Hansford
The Honorable R. Bernard Harwood Jr. (’63)
The Honorable Truman M. Hobbs Jr. (’83)
Frank S. James II (’78)
Curtis O. Liles (’73)
Jerry Arnold McDowell (’63)
William D. Melton (’66)
James Hugh Miller (’77)
Alexander W. Newton (’57)
Richard F. Ogle (’58)
Sam M. Phelps (’58)
Robert Payne Reynolds (’79)
William Stanley Rodgers (’64)
Nicholas B. Roth (’80)
Charles Eugene Sharp (’56)
Tazewell T. Shepard III (’79)
Thomas Hoyt Siniard (’80)
Clarence M. Small, Jr. (’61)
Michael Stephen Stutts (’80)
J. Stuart Wallace (’79)
Edith Jordan Wilcox (’39)