Clinic - Foreclosure Relief - LAW 665

4 Hours

The Foreclosure Relief Clinic is designed to give law students an opportunity to interview, advise and represent those who are facing a housing crisis because of (1) an inability to make present mortgage or loan payments; (b) the existence of an arrearage or delinquency that threatens to prompt foreclosure; (c) an imminent loan acceleration or foreclosure; or (d) any other mortgage-related crisis which threatens the housing security of the client.

Spring 2015 Section 007
Syllabus for Spring 2015 section 007
Fall 2014 Section 008
Syllabus for Fall 2014 section 008
Spring 2014 Section 008
Syllabus for Spring 2014 section 008
Fall 2013 Section 008
Syllabus for Fall 2013 section 008