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Jean Stefancic
Professor and Clement Research Affiliate

Areas of Expertise:
Civil Rights
Constitutional Law
Critical Race Theory

Jean Stefancic

Professor Jean Stefancic earned her B.A., cum laude, from Maryville College, and her M.A. from the University of San Francisco.  Her writing, which focuses on law reform, social change, and legal scholarship, includes over forty articles and twelve books, some co-authored with Richard Delgado, with whom she has shared writing residencies at Bellagio, Bogliasco, and Centrum.

Before coming to Alabama in 2013 from Seattle University law school, Professor Stefancic taught at the University of Pittsburgh where she was Research Professor & Derrick Bell Scholar.  During her ten years at the University of Colorado law school, she was affiliated with the Latino/a Research & Policy Center and on the advisory committee of the Center of the American West.  She co-teaches race, racism and the law with Professor Richard Delgado.