Law School Directory


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Last Name Title
Alexander, Craig Adjunct Faculty
Almond, Honorable Brad Adjunct Faculty
Almond, Cynthia Lee Director, Foreclosure Law Clinic
Andreen, William Edgar L. Clarkson Professor of Law
Andrews, Carol Rice Douglas Arant Professor of Law
Arewa, Funmi LLM Faculty
Arrington, Claude Reeves Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Bailey, Talitha Powers Director, Capital Defense Law Clinic
Baines, Sharon Accountant Senior
Baker, Don Ira Drayton Pruitt, Sr. Professor Emeritus of Law
Banks, Vicky Account Clerk
Barge, Caroline Assistant Registrar
Barger, James Adjunct Faculty
Barksdale, Iain Head of Reference Services
Beals, Blakely Legal Research Services Librarian
Bellan, Bill Building Coordinator
Bentley, Luke Library Assistant
Bond, Kimberly Coordinator of Employer and Alumni Relations
Boone, Kimberly Director of Legal Writing Program and Legal Writing Lecturer
Borden, Lisa Adjunct Faculty
Bostick, Bill Co-Director of Summer Externship Program and Adjunct Instructor
Boyle, Ladson LLM Faculty
Brady, Becca Brinkley Assistant Dean for Admissions
Brake, Gaines
Brandon, Mark E. Dean and Thomas E. McMillan Professor of Law
Brant, Joanne Visiting Faculty
Brewbaker III, William S. William Alfred Rose Professor of Law
Brooks, William H. Adjunct Professor
Brown, Ora Paralegal, Clinical Program
Brown, Michael Adjunct Professor
Brown, H. Lanier Adjunct Professor
Bryce, James Joseph D. Peeler Professor of Law
Bucy, Pamela H. see Pamela Bucy Pierson
Bulgarella, Joseph E. Adjunct Professor
Burford, Carin Adjunct Professor
Butler, Thomas Adjunct Faculty
Carden, Linda Career Services Specialist
Carman, Paul LLM Faculty
Carodine, Montré D. Professor of Law
Carroll, Jenny Associate Professor of Law
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