Law School Directory


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Last Name Title
Gibson, Penny Assistant Law Librarian, Reference, Inter-library Loan, Faculty Services
Gourdouze, Robbyn Staff Attorney, Domestic Violence Law Clinic
Graham, Wendy Faculty Assistant
Gray, Patrick Adjunct Professor
Griffin, Lezlie Assistant Dean for Career Services
Griffith, Martha Assistant Director of Admissions
Griffith, Julie Assistant Law Librarian
Gross, John Assistant Professor of Clinical Legal Instruction and Director of the Criminal Defense Clinic
Hamill, Susan Pace Professor of Law and Honors Professor
Hannes, Sharon Visiting Faculty, Frank E. Spain Chair
Hansford, Nathaniel Dean Emeritus and William Alfred Rose Professor of Law Emeritus
Harmon, Quykerita Library Assistant Senior, Serial Acquisitions
Harrison, B.J. Accounting Specialist
Harrison, Jackie Faculty Assistant
Head, Anita Kay Legal Writing Instructor
Heise, Michael Visiting Faculty
Henderson, Marquita Faculty Assistant
Hess, Amy LLM Faculty
Hill, Julie A. Professor of Law
Hobbs, Steven Tom Bevill Chairholder of Law
Hoff, Timothy Gordon Rosen Professor Emeritus of Law
Hoffman, Jerome Elton B. Stephens Professor Emeritus of Law
Holt, Wythe University Research Professor Emeritus of Law
Hopkins, Harry Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law, Emeritus
Hornsby, Anne Sikes Associate Dean for Clinical Programs and Professor of Clinical Legal Instruction
Horton, William W. Adjunct Professor
Horwitz, Paul Gordon Rosen Professor of Law
House, W. Michael Adjunct Faculty
Hudlow, Alison Kelley Adjunct Professor
Hughes, Nicole Adjunct Professor
Irby, Brent Adjunct Faculty
Johnson, Steve LLM Faculty
Jones, Thomas Alumni (Class of 1936) Professor Emeritus of Law
Joyner, Daniel Professor of Law
Kahn, Jeffery LLM Faculty
Kalt, Brian Visiting Faculty
King, Chuck Director of Finance and Accounting
King, M. Christian Adjunct Professor
Krotoszynski, Ronald John S. Stone Chairholder of Law and Director of Faculty Research
Ksobiech, Mary Assistant Dean for Students and Legal Writing Lecturer
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