Law School Directory


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Last Name Title
Simpson, Diane Administrative Asst, Clinical Programs
Stewart, Kimberly Ann Administrative Asst., Clinical Programs
Holliman, Carolyn Administrative Specialist
Jones, Thomas Alumni (Class of 1936) Professor Emeritus of Law
Brady, Becca Brinkley Assistant Dean for Admissions
Robbins, Candice Assistant Dean for Advancement
Ksobiech, Tom Assistant Dean for Career Services
Powell, Dan Assistant Dean for Graduate Law Programs
McLaughlin, Glory Assistant Dean for Public Interest
Ksobiech, Mary Assistant Dean for Students and Legal Writing Lecturer
Chambers, Mary Assistant Director
Griffin, Lezlie Assistant Director
Weeks, Ruth Assistant Director Law Library
Griffith, Martha Assistant Director of Admissions
Cotton, Marcus Assistant Director of Admissions
Gibson, Penny Assistant Law Librarian
Kees, Julie Griffith Assistant Law Librarian
Cooper, Tanya Asim Assistant Professor of Clinical Legal Instruction and Director of Domestic Violence Law Clinic
Gross, John Assistant Professor of Clinical Legal Instruction and Director of the Criminal Defense Clinic
Linetsky, Yuri Assistant Professor of Clinical Legal Instruction; Director, Civil Law Clinic
Sullivan, Gary Assistant Professor of Law in Residence
Fuell, Karla Assistant Registrar
Barge, Caroline Assistant Registrar
Arrington, Claude Reeves Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Funderburg, Noah Associate Dean for Administration and Professor of Clinical Legal Instruction, Director of CLE
Hornsby, Anne Sikes Associate Dean for Clinical Programs and Professor of Clinical Legal Instruction
Davis, Penny Associate Director, Alabama Law Institute
Nelson, Patty Associate Director, Graduate Law Programs
Rosen, Kenneth Associate Professor of Law
Vars, Fredrick Associate Professor of Law
Hill, Julie A. Associate Professor of Law
Render, Meredith Associate Professor of Law
Carroll, Jenny Associate Professor of Law
Eyal-Cohen, Mirit Associate Professor of Law
Lee, Grace Associate Professor of Law in Residence
Pierson, Pamela Bainbridge-Mims Professor of Law
Marshall, Jennifer Borchard Fellow, Elder Law Clinic
Bellan, Bill Building Coordinator
Carden, Linda Career Services Specialist
Singer, Norman Charles O. Stokes Professor Emeritus of Law and Anthropology
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