Law School Directory


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Last Name Title
Marshall, Jennifer Borchard Fellow, Elder Law Clinic
Bellan, Bill Building Coordinator
Carden, Linda Career Services Specialist
Singer, Norman Charles O. Stokes Professor Emeritus of Law and Anthropology
Varnon , Jessica S. Clinical Supervising Attorney
Quarles, Randy Co-Director of Judicial Externship Program
Bostick, Bill Co-Director of Summer Externship Program and Adjunct Instructor
Bond, Kimberly Coordinator of Employer and Alumni Relations
Durham, David Curator of Archival Collections and Adjunct Professor, Department of History
Brandon, Mark E. Dean and Thomas E. McMillan Professor of Law
Gamble, Charles Dean Emeritus and Henry Upson Sims Professor Emeritus of Law
Randall, Kenneth Dean Emeritus and Thomas E. McMillan Professor Emeritus of Law
Hansford, Nathaniel Dean Emeritus and William Alfred Rose Professor of Law Emeritus
King, Chuck Director of Finance and Accounting
Boone, Kimberly Director of Legal Writing Program and Legal Writing Lecturer
Davis, Terry Director of Technology and Facilities
Escher, Betsy Director Scholarships / Financial Aid
Lathram, Othni Director, Alabama Law Institute
Bailey, Talitha Powers Director, Capital Defense Law Clinic
Hughes, Nicole Self-Drake Director, Community Development Law Clinic
Lee, Hugh Director, Elder Law Clinic
Almond, Cynthia Lee Director, Foreclosure Law Clinic
Donovan, Susan Director, Mediation Law Clinic
Henning, William H. Distinguished Professor of Law
Hopkins, Harry Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law, Emeritus
Stein, Norman Douglas Arant Professor Emeritus of Law
Andrews, Carol Rice Douglas Arant Professor of Law
Andreen, William Edgar L. Clarkson Professor of Law
Hoffman, Jerome Elton B. Stephens Professor Emeritus of Law
Gates, Jami Events Coordinator
Dotson, Laura Executive Secretary
Shaw, Karen Executive Secretary
Morrow, Donna Faculty Assistant
Waid, Dana Faculty Assistant
Tucker, Donna Faculty Assistant
Henderson, Marquita Faculty Assistant
Lovette, Brittany Faculty Assistant
Graham, Wendy Faculty Assistant
Harrison, Jackie Faculty Assistant
Hoff, Timothy Gordon Rosen Professor Emeritus of Law
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