Course Assignments and Cancellations

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Reading Assignments in the casebook for the first 4 classes:

39-47 and 59-72

Because our first class is right after the law school reopens and people are back, I will not be calling on people cold the first day … will be relying on volunteers.   

Gene Marsh


Below is the reading assignment for the Remedies class on Wednesday, January 25, 2017. 

  1. pp. 35-39 (pp. 28-31 of the Concise Edition);

  2. p. 42, note #1 only (p. 33 in the Concise Edition, note #1 only);

  3. pp. 44-50 (pp. 34-38 in the Concise Edition);

  4. pp. 55-58 (pp. 43-46 in the Concise Edition);

  5. pp. 61-62, note #3 & 4 only (p. 48 in the Concise Edition, notes #3 & 4 only);

  6. pp. 67-80 (pp. 53-64 in the Concise Edition).


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We will meet briefly tomorrow night  (1/9) at 5:30. I have attached our first class assignment and the syllabus for this semester.  Our class will not meet next week (1/16) due to the Martin Luther King Holiday. This first assignment (attached) will be due by Friday afternoon, January 13th at 5:30. I will send out another assignment over the holiday weekend that will be due the following Friday (January 20).   Both assignments will be discussed in class on Monday, January 23.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you this semester.
Alyce Spruell
(205) 799-4619
(205) 449-1295 fax


Class for Monday, January 9, has been cancelled.  The first class will be held Monday, January 23.




Please read Part I (pages 3-48) in the text for class on Monday.   


I look forward to meeting with you then. 




Carin Burford