Course Assignments and Cancellations

Course Professor Posted
Accounting for Lawyers Stokes October 5, 2015

Class for Tuesday, October 6, has been cancelled.

Civil Procedure (Attachment 1 | 2 ) Elliott August 4, 2015

Please see attachments for semester reading assignments and class dates.

Civil Procedure (Attachment 1 ) Andrews August 6, 2015


Andrews Civil Procedure Assignment:




For the first day of our Civil Procedure class (Thursday, August 13), read the material in Part I, Part IIA and Part IIB(1) of the Syllabus.  I will not call on students the first day.  I likely will call on students – those in Group #1 – in the second class period (Friday, August 14), for the material in Part IIB(2) – the International Shoe case.


Course memo is attached.


Equitable and Extraordinary Remedies Davis October 5, 2015

Professor Davis has cancelled class for today, Monday, October 5th for Equitable and Extraordinary Remedies.

Equity (Attachment 1 | 2 | 3 ) Davis August 5, 2015

Please see attached.

Legislative Drafting (Attachment 1 | 2 | 3 ) Spruell October 2, 2015

Legislative Drafting - Local Legslation materials for discussion

Legislative Drafting (Attachment 1 ) Spruell October 8, 2015

 I have attached a very interesting Alabama Supreme Court case decided on or about September 30, 2015. We will discuss this case on October 15th, focusing on the issue of repeal vs. amendment. I am attaching it for your information and also because I believe it is relevant to your pending assignment

Mediation Clinic (Attachment 1 | 2 ) Donovan May 22, 2015

See Attached

Trial Ad I (Attachment 1 ) Spruell September 21, 2015

Please see attached assignment