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Advanced Torts (Attachment 1 ) Stein June 22, 2016


We will be discussing cutting-edge issues in medical malpractice law and litigation:

1. Federal Law or State Law? Identifying the Right Court for Filing Suit
2. Pretrial Screening of Medical Malpractice Suits under State Laws and the Federal Tort Claims Act
3. Time Bars: Statutes of Limitations and Repose
4. Malpractice Standards and Expert Testimony

5. Informed Consent
6. Cause in Fact, Proximate Cause, and Lost Chances to Recover
7. Defenses
8. Limitations on Damages: Are They Constitutional?

We will study these issues by using the case analysis method. We will focus on a single complex case scenario: The Case of Mary Roe (Attached)


Environmental Law I Andreen June 3, 2016


Tuesday, August 16, 2016                  vii-xi (Bonine & McGarity) and Supplemental Material

  1. Introduction to Environmental Law

     A.         Environmental Problems and Progress

    B.         Regulatory Legislation

                  --          Andreen, “Evolving Law of Environmental Protection” (Supp.)

    C.         Outline of the Course

    During this class, I will hand out a Syllabus detailing your assignments for the rest of the semester. If you wish, you may pick one up outside of my office (Room 363) before class. Thanks!



First Amendment Fair May 23, 2016


Mr. Fair                                                                                              First Amendment Survey


                                                                                                            Summer 2016




                                                   General Course Information




1.         Required Text:  Krotoszynski, The First Amendment in Cross-Cultural Perspective: A Comparative Legal Analysis of the Freedom of Speech. (NYU Press, 2006)








Below are the reading assignments for Class 1 and Class 2:




I.          Is there any such thing as free speech?  What basic theory or policy undergirds First Amendment jurisprudence?  Is free speech a preferred constitutional value over other rights?  When constitutional rights or values collide, which should prevail?




            Class 1                         Preliminary Issues: Vagueness, Overbreadth, Prior Restraints




            A.        Ronald J. Krotoszynski, Jr., The First Amendment in Cross-Cultural Perspective: A Comparative Legal Analysis of the Freedom of Speech




            Class 2                         Freedom of Speech in the U.S., pp. 12-25 and




                                                Freedom of Speech in Canada, pp. 26-69


International Environmental Law (Attachment 1 ) Andreen June 3, 2016

Please see attached course description and first-day assignment.

Legal Profession Brant May 24, 2016

First assignment:

Casebook, pp. 1-24.  Introduction; Who Among Us?:  Spaulding v. Zimmerman.