Course Assignments and Cancellations

Course Professor Posted
Advanced Civil Procedure (Attachment 1 ) Andrews December 4, 2015


The assignment for the first day of class:

Read  Page 1 of the Syllabus
Read the materials listed under Unit#1 on the second page of the Syllabus


Oil and Gas Law (Attachment 1 ) Pearson December 22, 2015




SPRING, 2016


Mr. Pearson


Course Materials




Martin & Kramer, Oil and Gas Cases and Materials - 9th Edition 2011 ("Martin")


Class "Assignments and Outline" together with "Handout Materials" will be



provided in class.


First Assignment



A. Characteristics of Oil and Gas:



Read generally pp. 1-16 in Martin.



B. The Rule of Capture and Correlative Rights:


Read Ellif v. Texon Drilling Co. pp. 16-23 and Notes 1, 4, 8, 11 and 12



that follow in Martin and commentary on State Regulation and


Modification of the Rule of Capture pp. 28-30 in Martin.



C. Subsurface Storage of Gas:



Read Northern Natural Gas Co. v. L.D. Drilling, Inc. pp. 30-37 in Martin.