Course Assignments and Cancellations

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Civil Procedure Elliott July 23, 2015

Civil Procedure Assignments for Monday, August 17th and Wednesday, August 19th:

For Monday, August 17: Rowe, Sherry, & Tidmarsh, Civil Procedure (3d ed. 2012) pp. 1-27

 For Wednesday, August 19: Rowe, Sherry, & Tidmarsh, Civil Procedure (3d ed. 2012) pp. 409-10 (up until Part 9.A), 416 (only the middle paragraph), 421-426 (notes 5-6, International Shoe, and notes 1-3)


Civil Procedure Elliott July 23, 2015

CIVIL PROCEDURE - Professor Elliott (Section 3)
Class is cancelled for Friday, August 14th.

Decedents' Estates Vars July 24, 2015


Please read for the first day of class pages 1-15 and 26-34 in the casebook, Dukeminier & Sitkoff, Wills, Trusts, and Estates (9th ed. 2013)."


Environmental Law I Andreen July 30, 2015





Professor William Andreen                                     Fall Semester 2015


Brief Description:


Environmental Law is a thriving and dynamic area of law practice. As going “green” becomes a priority, lawyers who can advise clients on green initiatives and traditional environmental law are in demand. This course provides a basic grounding in many of the primary areas of environmental practice:  water pollution control; air pollution control; climate change; enforcement; citizen suits; judicial review; statutory interpretation; protection of endangered species; and environmental assessment. We will also briefly survey the law of hazardous waste regulation and Superfund (CERCLA).


 Required Reading Materials:


             Bonine and McGarity, The Law of Environmental Protection (2nd ed.)


                        West Publishing (used copies should be plentiful)


Selected Environmental Law Statutes (2015-2016 Educational Edition)


                        West Publishing (you may use a previously owned copy from an earlier year)


Environmental Law Supplement (2015) (may be accessed on TWEN- you really should print this out) 



Assignment for the First Class:


 Monday, August 17, 2015                   vii-xi (Bonine & McGarity) and Supplemental Material


  1. Introduction to Environmental Law


    A.         Environmental Problems and Progress

    B.         Regulatory Legislation

                  --          Andreen, “Evolving Law of Environmental Protection” (supp.)

    C.         Outline of the Course

    During this class, I will hand out a Syllabus detailing your assignments for the rest of the semester. If you wish, you may pick one up outside of my office before class. Thanks!

International Business Transactions Rosen July 20, 2015


International Business Transactions


Professor Rosen


Fall 2015


Mondays and Wednesdays at 10:45 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.





The required text for this course is Ronald A. Brand, Fundamentals of International Business Transactions (2000).  For the first class, please read pp. 1-17 and 982-83 of the text and “International Law: An Overview” available at

Legal Profession Elliott July 27, 2015


The first session of Legal Profession, on Thursday August 13, is cancelled.

Legal Profession Elliott July 28, 2015


The first assignment, for the Legal Profession class on Tuesday, August 18, is to read Lerman & Schrag, pp. 1-51 (for background) and 52-78 (for class discussion, focusing on Problem 1-2, Weed, and Problem 1-3, The Doctored Resume).

Model Rules of Professional Conduct 1.0. 1.1 (you can find the MRPC in the required text Ethical Problems in the Practice of Law: Model Rules, State Variations, and Practice Questions).

Mediation Clinic (Attachment 1 | 2 ) Donovan May 22, 2015

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