Course Assignments and Cancellations

Course Professor Posted
Civil Procedure (Attachment 1 | 2 ) Elliott August 4, 2015

Please see attachments for semester reading assignments and class dates.

Civil Procedure (Attachment 1 ) Andrews August 6, 2015


Andrews Civil Procedure Assignment:




For the first day of our Civil Procedure class (Thursday, August 13), read the material in Part I, Part IIA and Part IIB(1) of the Syllabus.  I will not call on students the first day.  I likely will call on students – those in Group #1 – in the second class period (Friday, August 14), for the material in Part IIB(2) – the International Shoe case.


Course memo is attached.


Equity (Attachment 1 | 2 | 3 ) Davis August 5, 2015

Please see attached.

Legislative Drafting (Attachment 1 ) Spruell October 8, 2015

 I have attached a very interesting Alabama Supreme Court case decided on or about September 30, 2015. We will discuss this case on October 15th, focusing on the issue of repeal vs. amendment. I am attaching it for your information and also because I believe it is relevant to your pending assignment

Mediation Clinic (Attachment 1 | 2 ) Donovan May 22, 2015

See Attached

Trial Ad I (Attachment 1 ) Spruell October 26, 2015



Please see attached - Class exercises for November 9th & November 16th, 2015