Laptop Information

Laptop Recommendations

Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or Macintosh
OS X: 10.6 or higher
Windows: Professional, etc not required

Get a 3-year warranty
Most laptop parts can only be replaced by the original manufacturer. Laptop hardware failures are very common, you do not want to be in your third year of law school depending on an out-of-warranty laptop during final exams.

Examsoft supports OSX 10.5.8 or higher without the use of Boot Camp.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at the help desk via email ( or by phone at (205) 348-4347

Laptops on our Network

Getting Online
Most students have their laptops set up for Internet access using the wireless network. There is wireless coverage over most student areas. We can give you a handout with setup instructions or connect your laptop to the network for you, but we cannot fix a broken laptop.

We strongly recommend purchasing a commercial anit-virus product from McAfee or Norton. You are responsible for keeping your computer up to date. Infected computers create problems for everyone and may be disconnected from the network.

Network Problems
Problems getting online should be reported to our office in room 132. If you have a problem, please note where you are (the more specific you can be, the better), whether or not other students around you are having similiar problems, and at what time you were having the problem.

It is important to keep your laptop safe and to avoid leaving it unattended. Here is a page detailing options for laptop security.