Academic Year Information for Faculty

  1. Except as provided in Item 7, students must attend classes in person, unless remote attendance is prescribed by a specific ODS accommodation.
  2. You are not required to record your classes, unless as a part of a specific ODS accommodation. You may record your classes if you choose. The easiest way to do this would be to arrange automatic Panopto recording by contacting our IT department. Due to privacy concerns, any recordings that are made should be shared only with students enrolled in the class. We understand that students have valued the opportunity to view class recordings as a study aid, or as an opportunity to benefit from classes that they could not attend. Except as provided in Item 7, watching a recording of a class will not count as attending the class under Law School attendance policies.
  3. Faculty may not teach a course remotely unless they have received prior approval through the procedures mandated by UA. Except as provided in Item 8, this prohibition applies to the teaching of individual class sessions as well as to the course as a whole.
  4. You may, if you choose, use Zoom technology as a supplement to, but not as a substitute for, in-person interactions with students. You may, for example, use Zoom for an optional review session prior to an exam or for office hours in addition to those held in person.
  5. Mask policies will be set by UA. Currently, those policies permit persons who are fully vaccinated to be present in the building without wearing a mask. Faculty may not ask students about their vaccine status or require that all students wear masks. Plexiglass barriers have been removed from classrooms, and classrooms can now be occupied at full capacity.  UA’s statement for syllabi can be found here:
  6. As was the case last year, changes to federal, state, local, or UA health and safety policies may require corresponding changes to the policies announced here.
  7. Students who have been directed to isolate or quarantine, by UA or a healthcare provider, may attend class sessions remotely until the directive is lifted. In this context, remote attendance by Zoom, or by viewing or listening to a recording of the class, may be counted as “attending” the class. The choice of means is within your discretion. Any students in this situation must make arrangements in advance through Dean Lee, and Dean Lee will discuss with you the best method of remote attendance for your class.
  8. If a class session would otherwise be cancelled and rescheduled due your absence (because, for example, you are attending a professional conference), the class session may be taught remotely at the scheduled time with the prior written approval of Dean Lee. Such absences should be rare, and only occur when strictly necessary.