International Law Society

The International Law Society is a student group interested in events in the world community. The Society has a faculty advisor appointed annually by the Dean. The International Law Society is an extremely active student organization at Alabama Law with its members constantly adding new events to the calendar to provide information about international law and careers in the field, social networking opportunities, and service to the community.

The Society hosts speakers and sponsors students attending international law conferences. Recently, there has been a variety of speakers including Ms. Jini Koh of Pricewaterhouse Cooper who spoke about finding a job in international law. Ms. Koh is an alumna of Alabama Law. Other speakers have included Ms. Shay Farley of Alabama Appleseed who discussed the interaction between state and local law enforcement and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement; Ms. Talitha Bailey who taught trial advocacy to international lawyers through the International Justice Mission and currently works in Alabama Law’s clinical programs; and Ms. Elaine VanCleave who described One, her organization which is fighting global poverty.

Besides inviting distinguished speakers to lecture to current students, the International Law Society also participates in community activities. These activities include providing Spanish to English interpretation with the county public defender’s office and helping non-English speakers understand the court system and the basic liberties and rights afforded under the judicial system.

The Society also hosts many social networking events. When the Swiss and Australian students arrive at Alabama Law, the Society hosts a welcome barbecue. In the works for the coming months are Spanish potlucks and regular French movie nights. The International Law Society is constantly adding programming to their agenda and finding new ways to educate current students on finding a job in international law and bringing a global flair to the Law School’s campus.