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JD students may concurrently enroll in the LL.M. in Tax Program which offers concentrations in Taxation or Business Transactions. The tax concentration develops practical skills to support career growth and preparation for tax practice. Students can choose electives allowing them to focus in either Estate Planning or Business Tax.  The business transactions concentration is designed to train students to serve the needs of business and tax clients throughout the life cycle of a business venture. The skills-based program begins with formation and choice of business entity, then addresses financing in the growth phase, possible reorganizations and mergers as the business matures. The concentration offers elective courses in various business tax courses.

JD students can earn a JD and an LL.M. degree at the same time by attending summer school following their second year of law school.  With careful planning, students can avoid taking courses the second summer after graduation.  The LL.M. tuition rate will apply to any courses taken after JD graduation.

Degree Requirements

JD students must complete all JD graduation requirements including 90 credit hours. The LL.M. requires 24 credit hours. 15 of the online hours may also count toward the JD degree. Up to 6 hours of select JD courses may also be counted toward the LL.M. JD/LL.M.

The tax concentration requires the following 13 hours of courses:

Personal Income Tax (2 hours)
Capital Transactions (3 hours)
Corporate Tax (3 hours)
Tax Procedure (2 hours)
Partnership (3 hours)

The business transactions concentration requires the following 17 credit hours of courses.

Business Entities (2 hours)
Intellectual Property (3 hours)
Securities Regulation (2 hours)
Mergers and Acquisitions (3 hours)
Principles in Accounting (3 hours)
Business Planning (2 hours)
*JD Transactional Drafting (2 hours)

*This is a 2 hour JD course offered in the building but applied to the LL.M. degree leaving 4 hours of select JD courses which may also be applied to the LL.M. degree.


The remaining electives included the required courses offered in the other concentration plus and of the following:

State and Local (2 hours)
*Executive Compensation (2 hours)
*International Tax (2 hours)
Ethics (1 hour)

* These two courses are pre-recorded and ONLY available as LL.M. credit. Credit for these courses will not be applied to the JD degree.

Application of JD Credits to the LL.M. Degree

With approval from the Daniel Powell, Associate Dean for Graduate Law Programs, up to 6 hours (3 courses at 2 hours each even if the JD course is 3 hours) of certain JD courses may be applied to the LL.M. degree. Since you must take the JD version of Transactional Drafting in the building this leaves 2 JD courses at 2 credit hours each you may take for LL.M. credit.

Here is a list of JD tax courses which Dean Powell may approve:

641      Tax Procedure
643      Tax, Personal Income
644      Decedents Estates, Trusts, and Fiduciary Obligation
647      Taxation, Federal Estate and Gift
666      International Trade and Investments Law
671      International Business Transactions
681      Estate Planning
689      Taxation, Income of Business Entities
720      Tax Policy Seminar
747      Will Drafting
760      Principles in Accounting
761      Taxation, International

Here is a list of business JD courses which Dean Powell may approve:

615      Business Ethics Seminar
631      Workplace Law
645      Business Organizations
684      Antitrust
685      Business Planning
697      Workers’ Compensation
703      Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions
709      Securities Regulation
721      Employment Discrimination Law
722      Copyright Law
724      Banking Law
727      Bankruptcy
732      Employee Benefits
737      Business Bankruptcy
740      Employment Law Drafting
748      Corporate Law, Problems in
748      Corporate Law, Special Problems: Intro to Corporate Finance
748      Special Problems, Corporate Law: Comparative Law and Economics Seminar
748      Corporate Law, Special Problems in: A Merger Transaction
748      Corporate Law, Special Problems: Advanced Contracts Seminar
748      Corporate Law, Special Problems in: Representing Small Businesses
748      Special Problems in Corporate Law-Offshore Financial Transactions (Cayman Islands)
752      Trademarks and Unfair Competition
758      Unincorporated Business Entities
765      Corporate Finance
777      Bankruptcy Litigation
816      Transactional Drafting
835      Patent Law

Students in the business transactions program will not be given LL.M. credit for any of the three estate planning courses. (Estate & Gift Tax, Income Taxation of Estates & Trusts, and Estate Planning)

Application of LL.M. Credits to your JD Program

Students working on both degrees should also make sure to earn the 90 hours required for the JD degree. Subject to the approval of  Grace Lee, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, students may apply up to 15 credit hours of  the online (LL.M.) courses toward their JD degree.  Students may not enroll in distance education courses until they have completed 28 JD credit hours. JD students must complete all other JD graduation requirements.


Prerequisites in the LL.M. program apply only to LL.M. courses. JD business law course prerequisites apply only to JD courses.  The JD program requires students to maintain a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.33(See JD academic standards in the Student Handbook.) The LL.M. program requires students to maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.00 in courses taken within that program. Grades in JD courses do not affect the LL.M. grade point average; conversely, grades in LL.M. courses do not affect the JD grade point average or class ranking. Grades in JD courses taken for LL.M. credit affect only the JD GPA.

How to Apply

JD students are automatically admitted to the LL.M. program but, as a condition of that admittance, must meet with both Daniel Powell, the Associate Dean for Graduate Law Programs ( and Grace Lee, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs (

In preparation for these meetings, please draft a preliminary plan of  JD and LL.M. courses you plan to take in your second and third year in Law School. You will find the LL.M. schedule of courses here.

You must have a current plan for courses you will take to earn the LL.M. degree on file with the Graduate Law Department