JD/Business Transactions


JD students may concurrently enroll in the LLM Concentration in Business Transactions program.  The program is an interactive online, 24-credit-hour program designed to prepare students for a sophisticated tax law practice.  The program is designed to train students to serve the needs of clients throughout the life cycle of a business venture beginning with formation and choice of business entity, then addressing financing in the growth phase, possible reorganizations and mergers as the business matures, and then finally the law effecting recession and dissolution.

JD students can earn a JD and an LL.M. degree at the same time by attending summer school following their second and third years of law school.  With careful planning, students can avoid taking courses the second summer after graduation.  The LL.M. tuition rate will apply to any courses taken after JD graduation.  Click here for the current rate.

Degree Requirements

JD students must complete all JD graduation requirements including 90 credit hours. The LL.M. requires 24 credit hours. JD/LL.M. students must take the following required 15 credit hours of courses offered during the terms indicated below:

Advanced Business Entities (2 hours)
(Plus recommended Intro to Accounting- 1 hour)
Accounting for Lawyers (2 hours)

Securities Regulation (2 hours)
Intellectual Property (3 hours)

Mergers and Acquisitions (2 hours)

Students also must take the JD (in the building) course in Transactional Drafting (2 hours) and either the JD or LLM course  in Business Planning (2 hours).

The remaining 8 hours (if Intro to Accounting in taken)  may be selected from the online business law electives or from the online concentration in taxation (except for estate planning courses):

Here is a sample schedule of your last year. Electives subject to change:

Personal Income Tax (2 hours)
Capital Transactions (3 hours)

Corporate Tax (3 hours)

Other good LL.M courses if you can work them in include: Partnership Tax, State and Local Tax, Bankruptcy or Tax Procedure.

Application of LL.M. Credits to your JD Degree

Subject to the approval of the Academic Associate Dean, students may apply up to 15 credit hours in distance education courses toward their JD degree.  Students may not enroll in distance education courses until they have completed 28 credit hours. JD students must complete all JD graduation requirements.

Application of JD Credits to the LL.M. Degree

Up to 6 hours (3 courses at 2 hours each) of certain JD courses may be applied to the LL.M. degree. You must take the JD version of Transactional Drafting in the building and you may take either the JD version of Business Planning in the building on the online LL.M. version offered during the summer after your third year of law school. Two hours of each course will be applied to the LL.M. degree. JD students may also receive 2 LL.M. hours for the Offshore Financial Transactions course offered in the Caymans over spring break.


Prerequisites in the LL.M. program apply only to LL.M. courses and JD business law course prerequisites apply only to JD courses.  The JD program requires students to maintain a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.33(See JD academic standards in the Student Handbook.) The LL.M. program requires students to maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.00. Grades in LL.M. courses do not affect your JD grade point average or class ranking.

Students must also take the basic versions of LL.M. Corporate Tax, Partnership Tax and Intellectual Property before taking the advanced versions.


How to Apply

Send an email to Daniel Powell (dpowell@law.ua.edu), the Associate Dean for Graduate Law Programs indicating your intent.