Vol. 9 Masthead


Volume 9


Editor in Chief
Gonzalo E. Rodriguez

Managing Editor
Nikki Skolnekovich

Executive Editor
Alexis Killough
Articles Editors
Meg Deitz
Chris Youngpeter 

Acquisitions & Student Notes Editor
Barry Burkett


Senior Editors

Ashley Austin
Mary Pat Damrich
Logan Griffith


Junior Editors

Daneal Barnaby
Jordan Goeway
Raul Gonzalez
Joseph Green
Dominique Hadley
Connor Herfurth
Marina McCormick
Faith Munford
Joshua Polk
Jorge Solis


Faculty Advisor
Meredith Render

Associate Editors are selected each summer through a write-on competition. The competition is open to rising second and third-year students. Each participant must author a bench memorandum and Invitations to join the law review will be issued to authors who demonstrate exceptional writing skills. University of Alabama law students interested in being a member of the law review may contact us at civilrights@law.ua.edu for more information.