Volume 3

Issue 1

Legal Political Moral Hazard: Does the Dodd-Frank Act End too Big to Fail
Brown, Troy S.

Incapacitating Terrorism through Legal Fight – The Need to Redefine Inchoate Offenses under the Liberal Concept of Criminal Law
Hallevy, Gabriel

Twenty-First Century Slavery: Reconciling Diplomatic Immunity and the Obama Era
Howard, Derrick

Manson and its Progeny: An Empirical Analysis of American Eyewitness Law
Kahn-Fogel, Nicholas A.

Imagining change before and after Citizens United
Langvardt, Kyle

Issue 2

Executing the Innocent
Benson, Daniel H.; Hansen, Hans; Westfall, Peter

Unprincipled Principles: The Takings Clause Exemplar
Durden, Stephen

Jim Crow, Social Norms, and the Birth of Uncle Tom
Starkey, Brando Simeo

Marriage, Cohabitation, and the Welfare of Children
Strasser, Mark

Selected Student Commentaries

Ignoring the Obligation to Provide Consular Notification: How This Nation’s Approach to Treaties Deprives Criminal Defendants of Procedural Safeguards
Enzor, Alyssa L.

¿Qué Dijo? – The Plain Error Rule’s Effective Denial of Due Process to Non-English-Speaking Criminal Defendants
Turner, Will