Volume 9.1

Retheorizing Actionable Injuries in Civil Lawsuits Involving Targeted Hate Speech: Hate Speech as Degradation or Humiliation
by Dr. Alexander Brown
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Compensatory Education is Available to English Language Learners Under the EEOA
by Kevin Golembiewski
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Disparate Impact and Voting Rights: How Objections to Impact-Based Claims Prevent Plaintiffs From Prevailing in Cases Challenging New Forms of Disenfranchisement
by Jamelia N. Morgan
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Selected Comments

When is Hate Speech Wrongful? A Comment on Alexander Brown’s “Hate Speech As Degradation and Humiliation

by Steven Heyman
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Retheorizing Actions for Targeted Hate Speech: A Comment on Professor Brown
by Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic
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Selected Student Notes

A Crime Remembered: The Possible Impact of the “Right to be Forgotten” in the United States for Criminal Victims, Defendants, and the Convicted
by Megan Deitz
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