Volume 12


Editor in Chief
Catherine Milling

Managing Editor
Sheena Allen

Executive Editor
Danielle Kerem

Articles Editors
Caitlin Cobb
Jason Proctor

Acquisitions & Student Notes Editor
Allen Slater

Social Media Chair
Caitlin Cobb

Senior Editors

Alec Cartwright

Brian Donald

Crawford McCullers

Tyler Smoot

Junior Editors

Brianna Anderson

Ginny Bradley

Spencer Bowley

Haley Czarnek

Ryan Dardard

Matt Duggan

Caitlyn French

Kody George

Brian Hottinger

Aryne Hudson

Natalie Jones

Angelica Mamani

Kristin MartinĀ 

Rani Onyango

Annie Ormond

Anna Pendleton

Hunter Ragsdale

Katrina Smith

Brenita Softley

Matthew Spencer

Solly Thomas

Faculty Advisor
Joshua PorterĀ 

Junior Editors are selected each summer through a write-on competition. The competition is open to rising second and third-year students. Each participant must author a bench memorandum, and invitations to join the law review will be issued to authors who demonstrate exceptional writing and Bluebooking skills. University of Alabama law students interested in being a member of the law review may contact us at for more information.