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Alabama Law Welcomes the Class of 2024

On Monday, August 9, Dean Mark E. Brandon welcomed the Class of 2024 during the opening day of First-Year Orientation. In his speech, Brandon highlighted that the incoming class consists of 152 students—drawn from a pool of over 1,500 applicants. More than 50 percent of the 1Ls are women and just under 20 percent identify as members of a racial or ethnic minority. Members of this class have studied, lived, or worked in 43 countries outside of the United States, including those in Africa, Asia, Europe, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, and the Middle East, and they read or speak 12 different languages and dialects from around the world


Emphasizing the diverse backgrounds, skills, and experiences of this new incoming class, Brandon challenged the students to “make your mark on the School of Law, [and] on your community, nation, and world” through the practice of law. “Today is the 1st day of your professional lives. And the way you approach Law School—the way you approach your studies, and the way you engage with one another—will form the foundation of your professional reputation for decades to come.” 

Brandon also offered his vote of confidence and reassurance in all the students sitting in the room who may “feel overwhelmed or lost, or feel they just won’t make it.”  

“If you’ve been admitted, we strongly believe that you have what it takes to succeed here,” said Brandon. “Talk to me, talk to your teachers and mentors, [and know] that we have additional resources to support you. . . There’s a future for you at the Law School. . . You belong. Don’t doubt it.” 

Professor Vance Authors Opinion Piece for MSNBC

Professor Vance Headshot

Professor Joyce Vance authored an opinion piece for MSNBC titled Britney Spears finally won the right to pick her own lawyer. Here’s why that matters.                  

Professor Acevedo Publishes in Northwestern University Law Review Online

Professor Acevedo Headshot

Professor Deepa Das Acevedo recently published “(Im)mutable Race?” in the Northwestern University Law Review Online. To learn more, download the full piece on SSRN.

Professor Vance Interviewed on MSNBC

Professor Vance Headshot

Professor Joyce Vance was interviewed recently on MSNBC about charges against Tom Barrack .

Professor Vance Speaks About Jan. 6th for Just Security & Cafe

Professor Vance Headshot

Professor Joyce Vance interviewed for for on Reading the Tea Leaves of the first January 6 Sentencing  and coauthored a piece for Just on a similar subject titled
Questions the January 6 Select Committee Should Ask Its Witnesses.

Professor Grove Publishes in the Columbia Law Review

Professor Tara Leigh Grove poses for a photo outside.

Professor Tara Leigh Grove recently published her article Sacrificing Legitimacy in a Hierarchical Judiciary in the Columbia Law Review. To learn more, download the full article on SSRN.

Professor McMichael Authors Piece for The Millbank Quarterly

Professor McMichael Headshot

Professor Ben McMichael authored an article titled Nurse Practitioner Scope-of-Practice Laws and Opioid Prescribing that was published in The Millbank Quarterly.

Professor Vance Authors Piece for MSNBC

Professor Vance Headshot

Professor Joyce Vance authored an Opinion piece for MSNBC this week titled What Biden’s speech defending voting rights was missing.

Professor Steinman Publishes Article in the Wisconsin Law Review

Professor Steinman Headshot

Professor Adam Steinman‘s article, Appellate Courts and Civil Juries, was published in the Wisconsin Law Review. Download the full piece on SSRN.

Professor Dillbary Publishes Article in Boston College Law Review

Headshot of Professor John Shahar Dillbary.

Professor John Shahar Dillbary’s article The Case Against Collective Liability was published in the Boston College Law Review. Download the full paper on SSRN.