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A Message From Dean Brandon: The 50 | 150 Capital Alliance

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Dear Alabama Law Community,

Last week, the University of Alabama kicked off The Rising Tide Capital Campaign—which is scheduled to run through September 2026. Joining the University’s efforts to raise $1.5 billion during the campaign, the School of Law has set a goal of $30 million—all of which will directly benefit the next generation of students and faculty at Alabama Law. 

To acknowledge the many donors who are supporting the Law School’s fundraising effort, I am proud to announce the formation of The 50 |150 Capital Alliance. The name of the Alliance is linked to two important anniversaries, each of which we’ll celebrate in 2022: the 50th Anniversary of the graduation of the first  African American students at Alabama Law and the 150th Anniversary of the founding of the School of Law. The 50 | 150 Alliance consists of a community of alumni, students, and friends who have chosen to invest in the Law School’s future by making financial contributions to the Law School during the Rising Tide Capital Campaign.  I invite you to read more about this Alliance on our Rising Tide Capital Campaign webpage. There you will also find stories of Alabama Law’s students and graduates whose success would not have been possible without the material generosity of our alumni and friends.


If you are interested in making a donation to Alabama Law during the Rising Tide Campaign, please contact my colleagues Caroline Strawbridge ( or 205-348-4191) or Jason Wear ( or 205-348-8272). They will be happy to discuss the possible tax benefits that are available through giving, to match your specific interests and passions with areas of need within the Law School, and to answer any questions you may have about the Capital Campaign. 


I hope you will join us as we ensure that Alabama Law will flourish far beyond our limited years. 


All the best,


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