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A Special Thanks From Our Students Tyger Quarles & Lauren Chambliss

October 5, 2023

“I’ll be graduating from [Alabama Law] debt-free thanks to our donors.” – Lauren Chambliss

Current law students, Tyger Quarles and Lauren Chambliss share why they chose to attend The University of Alabama School of Law. They emphasize the importance of getting a law school education that provides great career opportunities while limiting student debt.
In part, because of the generosity of alumni and friends, The University of Alabama School of Law is ranked the #3 Best Value Law School and has one of the lowest student debt loads in the United States. Thank you for your support!

“It means so much to just focus on school. . . Not having to worry about money as I’m studying, and understanding that my school is being paid for, is a big weight off my shoulders.” – Tyger Quarles

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