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Alabama Law Receives Funding to Create Diversity-Focused Summer Scholars Program

February 21, 2022

Alabama Civil Justice Foundation awards $15,000 to support the Alabama Law Summer Scholar's Program

Through generous support from The University of Alabama System’s McMahon-Pleiad Prize, the Alabama Civil Justice Foundation, and Derrick (’03) and Tamesha Mills, The University of Alabama School of Law will be launching the Alabama Law Summer Scholars Program beginning this year. 

Summer Scholars is a cost-free, four-week program for undergraduate students who want to learn more about the study and practice of law.  The Program is focused on serving students who come from backgrounds that are historically or currently underrepresented within the legal profession. 

“We are grateful for the generous grants that allow us to initiate the Summer Scholars Program,” said Dean Mark E. Brandon.  “The program will permit us to support prospective students as they prepare to apply to law school, and it will provide participants an extraordinary experience that shows them not only what law school is like, but also what a life in this noble profession can be.”

Participating undergraduate students will engage in activities in and out of the classroom that will teach them about the process of applying to law school, expose them to the experience and purpose of a legal education, and let them practice skills that will contribute to their professional advancement.  

“We are thankful for the community support of this important initiative,” said Anil Mujumdar, Director of Diversity & Inclusion and Assistant Professor of Law in Residence.  “Summer Scholars is designed to provide participants with the necessary foundation for success as they enter law school and the legal profession.”  

Alabama Law Summer Scholars Program is scheduled to take place May 31 through June 30, 2022 at The University of Alabama School of Law.  The program is currently accepting applications from undergrad students through Sunday, March 27, 2022. Additional information can be found at 

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