Judge William Pryor Lectures at Alabama’s Culverhouse Law

Judge Pryor addresses Law School Students

Judge William Pryor, Jr., U. S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, spoke about his role as a federal judge on Tuesday, March 5 at the Law School.

Judge Pryor shared how his religious views guide his role as a circuit judge in a talk titled, “The Religious Faith and Judicial Duty of an American Catholic Judge.”

“Although my Catholic faith is the foundation of my worldview, my public duty is governed, from beginning to end, by the law,” he said. “Faith properly matters to a judge, and faith is not in tension with fidelity to the law.”

Judge Pryor emphasized that this religious foundation informs his understanding of his oath of office, his moral duties to obey lawful authority, and his responsibility to work both diligently and honestly.

Judge Pryor was joined by his four law clerks. The event was sponsored by the Saint Thomas More Society.

Drew Hertel (Vice President, 2L), Judge William Pryor (Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals), Jorge Solis (President, 3L), Ryan Dardard (Treasurer, 1L)