Law School Hosts Middle School Students for Open House

February 24, 2017


More than 100 Tuscaloosa middle school students recently visited the Law School.

Students from Hillcrest, Eastwood and Collins-Riverside middle schools participated in the Law School’s first Middle School Open House, a program designed to introduce middle school students to law school.

Dean Mark E. Brandon welcomed the students and encouraged them to take courses on government, as well as courses that teach them how to communicate effectively and think logically.

Throughout the day, students were introduced to legal terminology and procedures. They watched as Alabama law students participated in a mock trial, The Three Bears v. Goldilocks. The Three Bears claimed Goldilocks had bad manners when she entered their home, ate their porridge, slept in their beds and broke a chair. After The Three Bears and Goldilocks testified about the day in question, a jury of middle school students found Goldilocks guilty of bad manners.

The students prepared amicus curiae briefs, which helped Alabama law students argue a moot court case before a panel of judges. The issue: whether YouTube or Instagram is the best social media platform. An attorney for YouTube argued the social media platform provides a more content and is used to teach others how to dance and how to apply make-up, while an attorney for Instagram argued the platform is more popular and provides a safe environment for its users. In a 2-1 vote, the panel ruled in favor of YouTube.

Later, middle school students rehearsed and performed their own mock trial, Little Red Riding Hood v. Big Bad Wolf, learned about legal careers and toured the Law School. The event was sponsored by the the Law School’s Office of Diversity & Inclusion.