Professor Rosen Appointed as Uniform Law Commissioner

Governor Kay Ivey has appointed Professor Kenneth M. Rosen of The University of Alabama School of Law to represent the state of Alabama on the Uniform Law Commission (ULC). The ULC maintains a critical role in the evolution of state law around the nation.

Kenneth Rosen

Kenneth Rosen

The ULC, also called the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, dates its origins to the nineteenth century.  Commissioners have included lawyers who would become leading academics, cabinet members, Supreme Court Justices, and a President of the United States.  Over the years, the ULC has worked to examine state laws and areas where greater uniformity across states codes might be useful.  Representatives from different states and territories work together under the ULC’s auspices to promulgate model legislation that can be adopted by individual states.  The ULC is notably influential in the commercial law arena, having helped foster the Uniform Commercial Code that provides a foundation for business law in multiple states.  However, the ULC works on laws related to a large variety of significant subjects.

Professor Rosen’s new role as a Commissioner continues his noteworthy public service and participation in the public policy-making process.  Prior to becoming a professor, Professor Rosen was a Special Counsel at the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.  Since arriving at The University of Alabama in 2003, Professor Rosen has continued to assist state and federal government officials.  Recognition of his expertise has led to his work with such officials behind the scenes as well as in more public venues, such as for his testimony before the Committee on Financial Services of the United States House of Representatives.

Professor Rosen’s term of service as Commissioner will run to April 4, 2023.