Two Teams Compete in ABA Moot Court Competition; Students Win Best Advocate Awards

Alabama Law’s two teams competed last week at the ABA National Appellate Advocacy Competition in Philadelphia.  The teams did not advance to the national finals, despite outstanding advocacy by the teams:  Aaron Blake, 3L, Ames Filippini, 3L, John Gillespie, 2L, Mollie Gillis, 2L, Stone Hendrickson, 3L, and Tyler Smoot, 2L.  Cameron Tipton, 3L, was the manager of the teams.

Hendrickson won the award for second best advocate in the tournament, and Gillis won as fifth best advocate.

After 24 years of coaching Alabama’s national moot court teams, it was Professor Carol Andrews’s last time.   Beginning next year, Professor Anita Kay Head will take over as coach of the ABA teams.  She co-coached the teams this year and competed as a student advocate on Andrews’s 2005-06 moot court team.

“My moot court work has been one of my most personally and professionally rewarding experiences at Alabama Law,” Andrews said. “I look forward to guest-judging practice rounds in the years to come.”