Vance, UA Distinguished Visiting Lecturer in Law, Speaks at the Robert H. Jackson Center

June 28, 2017

Joyce Vance, UA Distinguished Visiting Lecturer in Law, spoke at the Robert H. Jackson Center’s June 23 symposium on Immigration, National Security, and American Values. She joined distinguished speakers John Q. Barrett, Professor of Law, St. John’s University; Lucas Guttentag, Professor of the Practice of Law, Stanford Law School & Distinguished Senior Fellow and Lecturer, Yale Law School; Rick Su, Professor of Law, University at Buffalo School of Law; Theodore M. Shaw, Julius L. Chambers Distinguished Professor of Law & Director of the Center for Civil Rights, University of North Carolina School of Law; and Margo Schlanger, Henry M. Butzel Professor of Law, University of Michigan. Her presentation was titled “The Role of the Prosecutor in Protecting Civil Rights and Keeping Communities Safe.”

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