Cover Letter Guidelines

Cover Letter Template

Cover Letters:

1. A cover letter is also a writing sample; take your time and put thought into it.

2. Proofread carefully and be sure you have no errors.

3. Include your return address in the letter.

4. Address your letter to a specific person.

5. Use the same paper and font as your resume.

6. Single space.

7. What your cover letter should include:

  • Who you are
  • What you are seeking
  • Why you want to work for that particular employer
  • Why you want do the type of work that they do
  • Optional, but helpful: Why you want to work in that particular city or state.
  • Why you? Include high points from your resume
  • What type of follow up you are anticipating

Thank You Letters:

1. Thank-you letters to a potential employer are a nice gesture following on-campus interviews but are not necessary or expected by most employers.

2. You should write a thank-you letter to an employer following an in-office interview. If you interviewed with several attorneys, you may either write to all attorneys with whom you met OR you may write to the attorney with whom you had the most contact. If a firm recruiter was involved, it is appropriate (and a good idea) to write to the recruiter also.

3. Thank you letters may be sent by e-mail or postal mail. Use your judgment.