Out of State

The Career Services Office is eager to assist students in their out-of-state job search. We recommend that you meet individually with someone from the CSO to customize your job search and attend CSO Programs on out-of-state job searching. In addition, the following resources and information are available to assist you in your out-of-state job search.

BYU Intercollegiate Job Bank: The University of Alabama law school participates in the BYU Intercollegiate Job Bank, which is an exchange of alumni job bulletins from law schools around the country. This site is particularly helpful to students and alumni searching for jobs in areas outside Alabama. The job bulletins are updated regularly by the individual law schools. The site requires a username and password which are available at no charge to University of Alabama law students and alumni. E-mail Amber Massey at amassey@law.ua.edu to receive the username and password.

Letters of Introduction: Your CSO has created a Letters of Introduction policy for students who are seeking positions outside of the Southeast. Under this policy, students provide the names and contact information of employers to the CSO. Asst. Dean Griffin send letters to those employers comparing Alabama Law to schools at which those employers more regularly recruit. In the past, letters have been sent to law firms, judges, prosecutors, public interest organizations and non-legal businesses. Speak with your primary career counselor for more information about this program.

Law School Reciprocity: your CSO maintains reciprocity with law schools around the country. If you are moving out of state, we can request that you are granted access to the postings and materials at another law school’s CSO. For more information about reciprocity requests, please e-mail us at careers@law.ua.edu.