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OCI and Résumé Collects

To search the employers who will be participating in On-Campus Interviews, click on “OCI” in the top Symplicity menu. There will be multiple sessions and you will need to look at each session individually. Each session will have different deadlines, so please note them carefully.

You must enter your bids online through Symplicity by the bidding deadline for each session. When you have finished uploading the required documents, go back to the “OCI” section of Symplicity and click on the “Review” button to the left of the name of any employer with whom you want to bid for an interview. On that screen you will be able to select, from a dropdown menu, the appropriate version of your resume, cover letter, or other documents that you want that particular employer to receive.  You can also type the “preferred location” for which you would like to interview, if the firm is recruiting for multiple locations. Then click on the “apply” button.

It is important to select “Review” before you click on “Apply.” Review allows you to see all the documents that will be necessary to bid for that employer. If you click on “Apply” when you are in the employer list and you have already bid for one employer, the system automatically chooses your “default” resume and doesn’t give you the opportunity to select your documents. You may change your bids as often as you’d like, up until bidding closes for that Session. Bidding early does not increase your chances of obtaining interviews. However, students who wait until the last minute may encounter a system that runs very slowly. Students should only bid for employers in whom they have a genuine employment interest.

Students who entered bids for any Session should check Symplicity to find out when employers have submitted their lists of students to be interviewed. To do this, click on “OCI,” and then choose the appropriate session from the “Sessions” drop-down menu. A list of the employers you bid for will appear, and in the column headed “Invitations,” you’ll see either “invited,” “alternate,” “not invited” or “pending.” If you’ve been “invited,” that means you’ve been selected for an interview. Click on the “Accept Interview” button, which will take you to a screen where that employer’s interview schedule will display. Select an interview time and click on “Submit.” If selected students do not sign up for an interview by the deadline established by the Career Services Office or choose to decline an interview, students who were listed as “alternates” by that employer will be notified by email that they may sign up for interviews. If you are selected but do not want to accept an interview opportunity, please click on the “Decline” button so that your interview spot may be offered to a classmate.

Be sure to leave as much time as possible between interviews that you schedule for the same day. If you schedule yourself for an interview that you later realize is too close to another interview, or for some other reason is an unworkable time, try to change it in Symplicity. If the time period for doing so has passed, ask someone in the Career Services Office to help remedy the problem.

On the day of your interview, check in at the front desk; you will be given all the necessary information there. Never enter the interview room until invited to do so by the employer.