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Student Organizations

Alabama Public Interest Law Association Founded in the fall of 1992, APILA is a student organization dedicated to increasing awareness and participation in public interest law. APILA’s goal is to increase interaction and cooperation among students, faculty, and others in the Alabama legal community who are interested in areas of law such as environmental law, capital representation, criminal defense, mental health law, disability law, elder law, housing, family law, child welfare, income maintenance, and domestic violence. APILA works closely with the Law School Public Interest Institute and hosts speakers and presentations regarding public interest issues.

Bench and Bar Legal Honor Society Bench and Bar is an organization whose objectives are to instill those standards of honesty commensurate with the formation and maintenance of good moral character; provide recognition of outstanding scholarship, leadership and service; and promote association among students, administration, and faculty. Bench and Bar is open to all law students who have completed a minimum of 25 hours of law school classes and consist of not more than 15% of the law school student body.

Black Law Students Association BLSA’s primary purpose is to present the needs of minority students to the law school administration and the University as a whole. BLSA strives to develop a dedicated sense of commitment in minority students to their communities, encourage participation in community activities, and serve as a catalyst between minority students and members of the legal profession. BLSA’s activities include: Junior Achievement – members serve as role models for elementary school children, illustrating the benefits of higher education; Fall Festival – BLSA sponsors games and activities for children at the McDonald Hughes Center Fall Festival; Sickle Cell Walk-A-Thon; BLSA Student/Faculty Talent Show.

Christian Legal Society Christian Legal Society is a non-denominational organization of Christian law student which holds monthly meetings featuring guest speakers ranging from local ministers to attorneys and law professors and also hosts an evening Bible study. The goal of CLS is to provide law students with guidance and support in synthesizing their future law career with their faith.

Civil Rights Law Students Association CRLSA is a relatively new organization founded to promote the ideas of justice and equity for all citizens. Its main focus is on the area of employee rights, environmental justice, disability law, gender discrimination, elder law, labor law, and all the rights guaranteed by the constitution.

Criminal Law Association The Criminal Law Association is an organization founded to promote friendship and communication among future criminal law professionals. The CLA sponsors speakers and informative programs to educate law students about the various issues and opportunities in the practice of criminal law. Academic assistance, community service opportunities, and social events are also available to CLA members.

Defense Lawyers Association The Defense Lawyer’s Association is a student organization created with the same goals as the Alabama Defense Lawyer’s Association. It exists to promote the standards of professional conduct emulated by the ADLA and the Alabama State Bar Association. The DLA encourages awareness, fellowship, and professional development among law students who are interested in civil defense and have a desire to promote fairness and integrity in the justice system. The DLS sponsors lunch meetings featuring attorneys from leading defense firms across the state. These meetings are great opportunities for networking and gathering useful information about the practice of civil defense.

Dorbin Association The Dorbin Association promotes the growth and professional development of women in the law. Dorbin sponsors lunch and dinner meetings featuring notable female attorneys and judges. Dorbin has various activities, including the always popular Professor Auction, which raises money for charities, and the Mentor-Mentee Program, which pairs interested incoming students with upper classmen.

Environmental Law Society The Environmental Law Society is an organization founded to increase the knowledge and awareness of the law school and university community about the problems and challenges arising from mankind’s interaction with its environment. The ELS works with local and national environmental groups to assist in service projects such as linking the Appalachian Trail to the Pinhoti Trail, monitoring the water quality of local streams and rivers, and protecting and counting bald eagles. ELS also has many social outings such as hiking, canoeing, and rock climbing and plans to improve the Law School by developing an outdoor study area behind the school where stressed students out students can student while enjoying nature.

Federalist Society The Federalist Society is an organization founded to foster critical thought and debate about the application of conservative principles of law.

Future Trial Lawyers Association FTLA is an organization founded for law students interested in civil or criminal litigation. The FTLA sponsors speakers from leading firms throughout the state who provide practical information about being a trial lawyer and litigation practice in general. The FTLA also raises money for charities through its Thanksgiving basket distribution and Christmas stocking stuffer projects for needy families.

Intellectual Property Society The Intellectual Property Society was founded to promote interest in and provide educational opportunities for students about the attributes and career opportunities in the practice of intellectual property law. IPS strives to provide career and educational resources to all society members and the local school community.

International Law Society The International Law Society is an organization founded to promote interest among law students in the areas of international law. The International Law Society strives to keep its members informed of international career and study opportunities.

Law Democrats Law Democrats is a grassroots organization founded to encourage political thought and debate among law students. Law Democrats promote interest in local and national elections among the law school community at large by sponsoring voter drives and bringing speakers to the Law School. “If you want to live like a Republican, vote Democratic.” – Harry S. Truman.

Law Republicans Law Republicans is an organization founded to encourage political thought and debate among law students. Law Republicans promote interest in local and national elections among the law school community at large by sponsoring voter drives and bringing speakers to the Law School.

Law Spouse Club The Law Spouse Club is a social organization founded to provide fellowship and support for married law students and their spouses as they adjust to the rigors of law school.

Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity Phi Alpha Delta is a professional association of law students, legal educators, attorneys, and judges who seek to promote professional competence, provide services to students and the community, and achieve excellence, honor and integrity within the legal profession. The Morgan Chapter has sponsored bakes sales, guest speakers, review sessions for 1L students, advising sessions, and career forums. PAD International participates in Congressional- Judicial receptions on Capital Hill, conducts tours of the Supreme Court, and is a member of a partnership with other law school organizations that provides an opportunity for members to interact with other law students and members of the bar.

Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity Phi Delta Phi was established in 1869 to promote a higher standard of professional ethics. It is the second oldest international legal organization. Some famous members of Phi Delta Phi include Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Conner and Antonin Scalia. Phi Delta Phi sponsors scholarships each year and also hosts at least two social events each semester. Members also take part in the BEAT HUNGER campaign during the week prior to the annual Alabama-Auburn football game. In addition, Phil Delta Phi provides academic support and resources to its members through use of an outline bank to help first years get a jump on their studies.

Sports and Entertainment Law Society The Sports and Entertainment Law Society is an organization founded to promote student interest and involvement in the exciting and fast-paced world of sports and entertainment law. The organization also seeks to furnish information about career opportunities in sports and entertainment law and to provide insight into the roles and duties of sports and entertainment law.

Student Farrah Law Society The Student Farrah Law Society is the student arm of the Farrah Law Society, the law school’s alumni network. The goals of Farrah are to enhance the student experience in the Law School and to promote interaction among students and Farrah Law Society members. Farrah Law Society seeks to foster an appreciation of the role and importance of alumni support of the Law School.

Student Honor Court The Honor Court is the official representative of the Law School student body in deciding matters arising under the Honor Code. The Honor Code serves three purposes: 1) promote among law students the highest standards of honor, integrity, and ethical conduct; 2) serve as notice to all students of those acts that will not be tolerated at the University of Alabama School of Law; and 3) provide a fair, speedy, and just hearing to any student accused of violating this Honor Code. Members of the Court are elected each year from each class by a class-wide vote.

Tax and Estate Planning Law Association The Tax and Estate Planning Law Association (TEPLA) is a collection of students who anticipate practicing law in the corporate or tax setting. Its primary goal is to encourage communication, education, and public service among the law school community in relation to the areas of tax, business, and estate planning. Each year, TEPLA sponsors the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program where law students help the public prepare their income tax returns.