Advanced Civil Procedure - LAW 653

1-3 Hours

Each week, an experienced litigator will provide the class with one or more factual scenarios which raise procedural, evidentiary and substantive issues.  Before class, the students will be expected to identify and evaluate the issues.  During class, the teacher and the students will together consider issues relating to the substantive law as well as the procedural and evidentiary rules that might apply.  They will discuss the strategic choices available to the parties in the situation presented, including the pros and cons of each of those choices.  The goal of this class is to encourage the students to stop and think about litigation choices when they get out into the real world of practicing law.   

Fall 2019 Section 001
Syllabus for Fall 2019 section 001
Fall 2012 Section 001
Syllabus for Fall 2012 section 001