Race, Racism and the Law Seminar - LAW 764

2 Hours

This seminar focuses on critical race theory, a recent movement in the law that examines the relationship among race, racism, and the U.S. legal system.  The scope of the movement (and, hence, the class) is broad, including not only legislative and judicial decisions, but also the economic, social scientific, and affective (feeling) sides of race.  Through this course and the readings, you will gain an overview of critical race theory, as well as more intensive exposure to particular topics, such as colorblindness and its limits; interest convergence and material determinism; race, romance, and intermarriage; stereotyping in popular media; and protest rights.

You will also learn how to write a law-review style paper through a carefully phased series of steps receiving assistance at each one.

Spring 2014 Section 026
Professor Richard Delgado
Syllabus for Spring 2014 section 026
Fall 2012 Section 025
Professor Richard Delgado
Syllabus for Fall 2012 section 025