Criminal Law, Select Problems in: Major Institutional Players of Criminal Justice - LAW 624

2 Hours

In "Special Topics in Criminal Law:  Major Institutional Players of Criminal Justice," the class will take an institutional tour (figuratively).  We will take a close look at law enforcement agencies, prosecutors' offices, defense lawyer organizations, judges, clerks, sentencing commissions, and corrections officials.  At each point along the way in our tour, we will survey the tpes of legal regulations that shape the behavior of actors in those institutions.  We will also sample some of the social science research about non-legal forces that shape the work of those institutions.Student evaluation will be based on several short written "institutional profiles."  In each profile, the student will describe the operation of an existing institution of criminal justice and will propose a method of measuring performance within that institutional.

Fall 2013 Section 001
Syllabus for Fall 2013 section 001