Corporate Law, Special Problems in: Representing Small Businesses - LAW 748

2 Hours

The goal for this class is to gain an understanding of how you can adequately represent your future small business clients. Many of you will graduate from law school and become either solo practitioners or get hired at small to medium size law-firms. Some of you will get hired at large law firms in Birmingham and around the country.  No matter where you practice, however, the bread and butter for many of you will be small business clients.  This course is considered a “simulation course” as we will be simulating tasks that you will perform in the future for your small business clients. You will be graded throughout the semester on various drafting projects, writing assignments, and in-class simulations. Business Organizations is a pre- or co-requisite.

Spring 2018 Section 001
Syllabus for Spring 2018 section 001
Spring 2017 Section 001
Syllabus for Spring 2017 section 001