Corporate Law, Special Problems: Advanced Contracts Seminar - LAW 748

2 Hours

This seminar introduces law students to advanced topics in contract theory. It does not deal with corporate law, as the title might imply, so please consider this before registering. The seminar is divided into three parts that are aimed to provide the student with a rich and comprehensive set of tools, useful for transactional and litigation lawyers as well as for aspiring scholars. The first is an introduction to the main theories of contract law, the second is the theory of contract design, and the third is an exploration of the relative merits of various mechanisms used to enforce agreements: contracts, reputation, collateral, and regulation. This is a research seminar, and students will develop their own independent research project.The seminar emphasizes economic theories and concepts. Students registering to this seminar are not required or even expected to have any previous knowledge of economics, but it is required that all students will have a strong sense of curiosity and willingness to engage in complex ideas.

Fall 2017 Section 026
Professor Yonathan Arbel
Syllabus for Fall 2017 section 026