Special Topics in Law: Famous and Infamous Trials Seminar - LAW 731

2 Hours

This course analyzes famous, or infamous, trials throughout American legal history. Although some cases will be assigned by the professor, students in the class will have an opportunity to choose several cases to be discussed by the class. To study selected cases, the course will utilize court documents associated with the cases, contemporary newspaper accounts, and video reports/stories if available. Trials available for selection span the spectrum of legal fields from criminal law to the First Amendment. Examples of trials that may be examined during the semester include the Lincoln Conspiracy Trial, the Black Sox Trial, the Al Capone Trial, and Falwell v. Flynt. Grading will be based upon a short writing assignment, a long paper, and class presentations.

Spring 2018 Section 025
Professor Albert Lopez
Syllabus for Spring 2018 section 025