Elder Law - LAW 695

2-3 Hours

This course brings together in one place various legal subject-matters needed by those who counsel the elderly, including relevant ethical issues for lawyers, age discrimination in employment, issues of support (social security and pensions), health care coverage and fraud, consumer scams, medicaid and issues of appropriate long-term care and nursing homes, housing needs, guardianship issues, estate planning issues (limited to durable powers of attorney, joint ownership, and an overview of the Rule Against Perpetuities), and issues of consent for health care and termination of life-sustaining treatment through health care directives and powers. Most important issues of estate planning for the elderly will be covered in Decedents' Estates.

Spring 2013 Section 001
Syllabus for Spring 2013 section 001
Spring 2012 Section 001
Syllabus for Spring 2012 section 001