Externship - LAW 634

5-6 Hours

Placements are available for selected students in district attorneys’ and other public sector offices. There are also a limited number of judicial placements available in the summer program. Students work full-time for six weeks. They observe and participate in pre-trial preparation, conferences, hearings, and trials. The course includes classroom sessions plus a written journal. Pass/D/Fail.

**NOTE:  A student may take up to two externship courses for not more than 9 credit hours.


Summer 2017 Section 100
Syllabus for Summer 2017 section 100
Summer 2013 Section 001
Professor Steve Emens
Syllabus for Summer 2013 section 001
Summer 2011 Section 100
Professor Steve Emens
Syllabus for Summer 2011 section 100
Summer 2010 Section
Syllabus for Summer 2010 section