Treks and Related Courses

A hallmark of the curriculum at The University of Alabama School of Law is the great deal of freedom students have in their second and third years in their choice of classes. We do not require students to declare an area of specialization and have only a few course requirements for second and third year students. Students may choose to take several classes in a particular area of law, or they may choose to pursue courses that give them exposure to a variety of areas. The following areas are just some of the ones of interest to our students recently. This is not an exhaustive list of all subject areas available for our law students to explore. Instead, this should be viewed as a starting point as you begin to consider which classes you may want to take. Of course, we encourage you to talk with your advisor and others members of the faculty as you plan out your schedule of courses.

Administrative Law
Commercial Law
Constitutional Law
Corporate Law
Criminal Law and Procedure
Environmental Law
Estates and Trusts Law
Family Law
Health Care Law
Intellectual Property
International Law
Real Property (Real Estate) Law
Tax Law