Last Name Title
Kahn, Jeffery LLM Faculty
Moran, Beverly LLM Faculty
Nard, Craig LLM Faculty
Stumpff, Andrew LLM Faculty
Willbanks, Stephanie LLM Faculty
Wooldridge, David LLM Faculty
Fields, Monique Manager of Communications
Colburn, Jill Office Manager, Alabama Law Institute
Lowe, David Part-time Reference Librarian
Stefancic, Jean Professor and Clement Research Affiliate
Morgan, Martha Professor Emerita of Law
Lyons, Susan Professor Emerita of Law
Fryer, Tony Professor Emeritus of History and Law
Bryce, James Professor Emeritus of Law
Hoff, Timothy Professor Emeritus of Law
Hoffman, Jerome Professor Emeritus of Law
Stein, Norman Professor Emeritus of Law
Leonard, James Professor Emeritus of Law
Marsh, Gene Professor Emeritus of Law
Hopkins, Harry Professor Emeritus of Law
Baker W., Donald Professor Emeritus of Law
Holt, Wythe Professor Emeritus of Law
Morrison, Joe Professor of Clinical Legal Instruction Emeritus
Emens, Steve Professor of Clinical Legal Instruction, Faculty Advisor and Coach for the Intercollegiate Trial Advocacy Teams
Rosen, Kenneth Professor of Law
Lopez, Albert Professor of Law
Carodine, Montré D. Professor of Law
Render, Meredith Professor of Law
Hamill, Susan Pace Professor of Law and Honors Professor
Eyal-Cohen, Mirit Professor of Law and The Irving Silver and Frances Grodsky Silver Faculty Scholar
Peterson, DeWuana Program Assistant
Edmondson, Danita Program Assistant
Bundrick, Mary Grace Program Assistant
Rhodes, Alicia Program Assistant
Jaeger, Morgan Program Assistant
Linton, Felecia Program Coordinator, Public Interest Institute
Copeland, Rebecca Program Manager, Development and Marketing
Pierson, Pamela Bucy Research Professor of Law
Drummond, Lisa Secretary to Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Pruitt Jr., Paul Special Collections/Collection Development Librarian, Bounds Law Library Co-editor, Occasional Publications of the Bounds Law Library