Katie Grayson
Assistant Director of Admissions

Katie Grayson

Katie Grayson, a native of Fayette, Alabama, earned her B.A. in English and her B.S. in Finance & Economics from the University of Alabama. She also earned her Juris Doctor and her Masters of Business Administration from Alabama in 2017.

Ms. Grayson joined the law school in August 2019. Prior to joining the Law School, Ms. Grayson was a project manager and member of the Professional Development Program (PDP) for Unum Group in Chattanooga, Tennessee. As a project manager, she led various projects dealing with risk management and compliance. As a member of the Professional Development Program, she recruited for Unum and planned PDP events. Prior to her time at Unum, Ms. Grayson worked as a teaching and accreditation assistant for the Management Department at Alabama’s Culverhouse School of Business and also as a financial and legal analyst for MainStreet Family Urgent Care, headquartered in Birmingham. 

Currently, Ms. Grayson is responsible for recruitment, including traveling to represent the Law School, as well as event planning. Her experience extends beyond admissions to privacy and business compliance, analytics, and university accreditation.