Last Name Title
Hess, Amy LLM Faculty
Hill, Julie A. Alton C. and Cecile Cunningham Craig Professor of Law
Hill, Mike
Hobbs, Steven Tom Bevill Chairholder of Law
Hoff, Timothy Gordon Rosen Professor Emeritus of Law
Hoffman, Jerome Elton B. Stephens Professor Emeritus of Law
Holt, Wythe University Research Professor Emeritus of Law
Hopkins, Harry Distinguished Visiting Professor of Law, Emeritus
Hopper, Kurt Adjunct Professor
Hornsby, Clay
Horton, William W. Adjunct Professor
Horwitz, Paul Gordon Rosen Professor of Law
House, W. Michael Adjunct Faculty
Hughes, Nicole Adjunct Professor
Irby, Brent Adjunct Faculty
Jaeger, Morgan Program Assistant
Johnson, Steve LLM Faculty
Joyner, Daniel Elton B. Stephens Professor of Law, Director of International Programs
Kahn, Jeffery LLM Faculty
Kimbrell, Angelia Accounting Assistant
King, M. Christian Adjunct Professor
Krell, Matthew Adjunct Professor
Krotoszynski, Ronald John S. Stone Chairholder of Law and Director of Faculty Research
Ksobiech, Mary Assistant Dean for Students and Professor of Legal Writing
Ksobiech, Tom Associate Dean for Administration and Communication
Largin, Annette Coordinator, Continuing Legal Education
Lavender, Ora Brown Paralegal, Clinical Program
Lee, Grace Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Leonard, James James M. Kidd, Sr. Professor of Law Emeritus
Linetsky, Yuri Associate Professor of Clinical Legal Instruction; Director of Clinical Programs, Director, Civil Law Clinic
Linton, Felecia Program Coordinator, Public Interest Institute
Locke, Clint Adjunct Professor
Long, Deborah Adjunct Professor
Lopez, Albert Professor of Law
Lovette, Brittany Faculty Assistant
Lowe, David Part-time Reference Librarian
Lyons, Susan
Marsden, Rich Adjunct Faculty
Marsh, Gene James M. Kidd, Sr. Professor Emeritus of Law
Marsh, Jenelle