Law School Directory


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Last Name Title
Marsh, Gene James M. Kidd, Sr. Professor Emeritus of Law
Colquitt, Joseph Jere L. Beasley Professor of Law and Director of Trial Advocacy
Delgado, Richard John J. Sparkman Chair of Law
Krotoszynski, Ronald John S. Stone Chairholder of Law and Director of Faculty Research
Cook, Camille Wright John S. Stone Professor Emerita of Law
Bryce, James Joseph D. Peeler Professor of Law
Durham, Alan Judge Robert S. Vance Professor of Law
Sarat, Austin Justice Hugo L. Black Visiting Senior Faculty Scholar
Beals, Blakely Legal Research Services Librarian
Head, Anita Legal Writing Instructor
Fogle, Cameron Legal Writing Instructor
Bentley, Luke Library Assistant
Harmon, Quykerita Library Assistant
Hayward, Sondra Library Assistant Sr.
Swain, John LLM Faculty
Arewa, Funmi LLM Faculty
Boyle, Ladson LLM Faculty
Carman, Paul LLM Faculty
Hess, Amy LLM Faculty
Johnson, Steve LLM Faculty
Kahn, Jeffery LLM Faculty
Moran, Beverly LLM Faculty
Nard, Craig LLM Faculty
Stumpff, Andrew LLM Faculty
Willbanks, Stephanie LLM Faculty
Wooldridge, David LLM Faculty
Colburn, Jill Office Manager, Alabama Law Institute
Brown, Ora Paralegal, Clinical Program
Schnee, Edward Professor
Stefancic, Jean Professor and Clement Research Affiliate
Morrison, Joe Professor of Clinical Legal Instruction Emeritus
Emens, Steve Professor of Clinical Legal Instruction, Faculty Advisor and Coach for the Intercollegiate Trial Advocacy Teams
Lopez, Albert Professor of Law
Dillbary, John Shahar Professor of Law
Joyner, Daniel Professor of Law
Hamill, Susan Pace Professor of Law and Honors Professor
Gentry, Brittany Program Assistant
Edmondson, Danita Program Assistant
Rhodes, Alicia Program Assistant
Dempsey, Eve Program Assistant
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