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Alabama Links

State of Alabama (Alaweb)
Directory and links to all state government agencies and other state resources:

Alabama Department of Senior Services (moved from Senior Services, Department of - below)
The Alabama Department of Senior Services(ADSS) office houses the Director and the State Nursing Home Ombudsman, among others, and provides links to other agencies and resources. Telephone numbers: 334-242-5743 and 1-877-425-2243. The site provides information on services available to seniors , including the State Health Insurance Program, which can help with Medicare questions, getting help with drugs costs, and other issues.

Area Agencies on Aging
There are 13 AAoAs in Alabama. The Alabama Department of Senior Services site (see above) includes a list of regional governmental planning agencies and AAoAs, with their Directors, addresses and access numbers. Access your local Area Agency and its insurance counseling, caregiver support and other services, at:

Area Agencies on Aging - Legal Providers
For legal services from AAoA legal providers, click on "Legal Services in Your Area" on this web site, directly under the picture on our home page. Go to Area Legal Service Providers

Alabama Bar Association
The state bar can provide the names of a contact in the Elder Law Section, who may provide names of elder law attorneys in the caller's area of the state. The Bar also has a Lawyer Referral Service for residents who need legal advice and do not know an attorney. Telephone 1-800-392-5660, 334-269-1515, or go to:

Alabama Laws and Regulations
You can access laws and regulations through several law school sites, including Cornell Law School (Legal Information Institute) and the University of Alabama/Bounds Law Library, both sites listed below in these links. The state judiciary also provides access to the Alabama Code, the Alabama Administrative Code, recent court decisions and other information.

Medicaid Agency (Alabama)
The Alabama Medicaid Agency can be reached by telephone at 334-242-5100. The web address is

Public Health ( Department of)
The Alabama Department of Public Health can be reached by telephone at 334-206-5100 ( Nursing home regulation is provided by the Division of Health Provider Standards, 334-206-5366. The administrative rules on long term care are located in the public health section of the Alabama Administrative Code (see Laws and Regulations, above), or go to

Senior Services, Department of (ADSS)
(Moved to Alabama Department of Senior Services - above)

State Health Insurance Program
Your local Area Agency on Aging SHIP counselor can be reached through calling ADSS (334-242-5463). . This free program helps seniors consider the many Medicare options available to them from: Traditional Medicare., Medigap policies, Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans. There is no income requirement; this program is for everyone.

University of Alabama - Bounds Law Library
A good resource for Alabama Laws and Regulations and a great deal of other information. For statutory law, click on Research on the Law Library site, then on Legal, and cursor down to Albama Law.

Federal Agencies and Governmental Resources Links

Administration on Aging
AoA is not primarily a law-related site but is a good starting point for research on all kinds of issues that affect seniors, including some legal issues and resources.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
CMS administers the Medicare and Medicaid programs. It is a large site with techincal information, primary sources and much general information, but it can be difficult to navigate. (See also Medicare, below)

Code of Federal Regulations
CFRs are the practical directions for the various United States Code sections. Of particular interest to elder lawyers and seniors are the CFR volumes on Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. They can be accessed through the Cornell Legal Information Institute and University of Alabama Bounds Law Library sites listed elsewhere in these links.

Housing and Urban Development
There is a vast amount of valuable information on this site but it requires patience to navigate without preliminary information to focus the search. Start by clicking on Information for - Senior Citizens (at right of screen).

Medicare - Nursing Home Compare
This site is highly informative but not always easy to navigate. See especially Nursing Home Compare. This part of the Medicare site provides a summary of the latest results of the most recent inspection of every nursing home in the country that accepts Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement, giving the survey criteria and explaining why each aspect is important. Check the survey date, however, to determine timeliness of

Social Security Administration
This vast site is more than a legal resource but cannot be overlooked in that context. The expanse of the information can be overwhelming; it may help to go to the site map (bottom of home page screen) and work from there.

Elder Law, Advocacy and Other Age-Related Sites

This site is as varied as it is enormous. AARP is primarily an advocacy organization, but in that connection it offers a great deal of law-related information on almost every conceivable topic of interest to senior citizens. There is list of some of the publications available and directions for contacting AARP about others.

Alzheimer’s Association
The Alzheimer’s Association provides basic information, message boards and other resources for caregivers or dementia patients.

ABA Commission on Legal Problems of the Elderly
The American Bar Association site is large and includes a variety of information about legal and related social issues. The Commission on Legal Problems of the Elderly offers materials on issues of particular interest to seniors, with a list of available publications.

Benefits Checkup
This is a free, confidential online service that lets seniors find out for what federal and state benefits and private drug discount programs they might be eligible. An excellent resource, easy to use.

Caring Connections
This is a program of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization. It provides free resources and information about end-of-life care, services and planning before a crisis, and includes printable copies of each state's advance directive.

Center for Medicare Advocacy
This private, not-for-profit organization is an excellent resource for primary materials on Medicare and for its in-depth analysis of law, regulations, procedure and policy. It provides legal advice, information and advocacy for medicare beneficiaries nationwide.

Center for Medicare Rights
Excellent consumer-oriented group. The Center provides information, resources and advocacy for Medicare recipients.

Cornell Law School – LII (Legal Information Institute)
Cornell has an enormous database with links to primary and secondary sources of federal and state law. There are other good law school sites but this one is particularly comprehensive and easy to navigate in spite of its size. (Click on Legal Information Institute)

Funeral Consumers Alliance
As the name suggests this site is devoted to helping consumers plan ahead and make wise decisions about final rites for themselves and loved ones. The organization offers a wide range of helpful print materials for nominal cost and the site includes a lot of information and links to other sites.

National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys
NAELA, an organization of attorneys who specialize in legal problems of the elderly, is a source of leading edge research and advocacy on legal and social issues important to seniors. Its goal is to enhance the quality of legal services to seniors. The site provides a list of NAELA members by state, and by geographical areas within state.

National Elder Law Foundation
NELF is the only organization accredited by the American Bar Association to develop and implement a certification program for attorneys specializing in elder law. The certification is recognized by the Bar Associations of many states, including Alabama. The site provides a list of Certified Elder Law Attorneys (CELAs) in each state.

National Consumer Law Center
NCLC is a leading consumer advocate for low-income, elderly and disabled persons. It provides litigation assistance, research and consulting support to advocates and offers numerous manuals and periodicals at moderate cost. An invaluable resource on consumer issues.

National Senior Citizens Law Center
NSCLS advocates nationwide for low-income elderly and disabled persons. It provides consulting support and a great deal of useful information on a variety of issues important to seniors including nursing home advocacy.

The Center for Social Gerontology
TCSG is a non-profit organization dedicated to research, training and social policy development to enhance and protect the autonomy and diginity of older Americans. It assists the Administration on Aging and local agencies to fulfill the goals of the Older Americans Act. The site includes some interesting and unusual materials.

There are other references mentioned in articles on this web site that are not included here.

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